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Why intern in Cyprus?

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Protaras or Ayia Napa?

Why intern in Cyprus?

Ayia Napa and Protaras are a pair of small towns in south-east Cyprus. Both have been developed as popular tourist destinations, with Ayia Napa being larger scale and more internationally well known, and Protaras being a quieter option though both have beautiful beaches and scenery.

We supply you with a bus pass to ensure you can easily find your way around and between the towns on the public bus routes, or you can easily walk between destinations. With the increasing popularity of Cyprus as an international tourist destination, infrastructure work has been a priority.

As port towns, both Ayia Napa and Protaras have a history as fishing settlements. This heritage that is clearly visible in the cuisine as well as the activities available, with diving, marine museums and several monuments to fishermen. Cyprus has some of the most beautiful beaches and marine environments in Europe, and visitors are sure to have the chance to explore them.

Industries available for a Twin Turing Scheme internship

In Cyprus, we offer Turing Scheme Placements in Hospitality:

Cyprus is an extremely popular holiday destination, and an internship in Hospitality will let you gain experience in a wide variety of skills. From front of house and customer facing work to essential behind the scenes tasks, you are sure to build experience in an essential modern industry while boosting your CV.

What to do while you’re there

This part of Cyprus is an extremely popular international travel destination, with the natural beauty being a major point of attraction to the region. The two towns have slightly different reputations, with Ayia Napa having more of a party atmosphere and Protaras being popular as a family travel destination, though they are close enough together that it’s easy to move between them. The nearby Green Bay and Cyclops Bay are wonderful spots to learn to scuba dive, with underwater museums full of statues making for a fascinating experience.

As well as the natural features, there are a wide variety of activities and locations visitors can engage with. From bars and nightclubs, to ancient monasteries, there’s something for everyone. Aiya Napa’s Waterworld water park is ideal for all age groups and the Cape Greco Environmental Centre offers the chance to learn about Cape Greco, a local national park. Visitors to Cyprus are sure to find plenty to do outside of their internships.

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