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Why intern in Malta

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Malta

Why intern in Malta

Malta is the largest island in an Archipelago nation with the same name, located in the Mediterranean Sea south of Italy and the capital, Valletta, covers most of the island. A wonder of Baroque architecture, the entire city was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. If museums are your thing, this is the place for you with the city being more densely packed with monuments than almost anywhere else in the world. 

If you are concerned about struggling with language barriers as you take part in the Turing Scheme, you don’t need to! Alongside Maltese, English is an official language of Malta. If languages are your thing however, a large proportion of the country also speaks Italian.

Malta has a thriving tourism industry as well as a focus on international trade. Regardless of the industry you are interested in, Malta is a great choice for internship. Candidates in Malta will be placed in Valletta or the directly surrounding area, with the easy transport links making getting around easy. 

Industries available for a Twin Turing Scheme internship

In Malta we provide Turing Scheme placements in Travel & Tourism, TEFL, Digital Marketing, Hospitality and Business Admin.

In a Digital Marketing placement you will find yourself working in social media content generation and management. This sector is a growing one and an internship in it is sure to prepare you for a career in this digital age.

With Valletta's reputation as the sunniest capital in the EU, Hospitality is a major industry here and there is no shortage of need for interns to assist with essential tasks in the hotel partners we work with.

Malta is a hugely multicultural place with a large variety of languages spoken. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is an ideal internship option for those interested in education and language. 

There is a huge array of businesses and industries in Malta and if you are interested in learning about them and what future role you might like to take in them, a Business Administration placement might be for you.

Tourism & Travel remain the biggest industries for Malta, with the tourist population sometimes outweighing the full-time residents. An internship in this sector provides all you need to learn about the industry and the holiday experience

What to do while you’re there

Valletta was named 2018 European Capital of Culture, and it’s no surprise, the city is full of beautiful historic monuments and buildings. From converted military buildings like Saint James Cavalier, the gun platform turned creative centre to Baroque marvels, like the Manoel Theatre, there is no shortage of culture.

Additionally there are a wide array of events year-round in this lively capital. From Carnival and the Valletta Baroque Festival in the winter to the Jazz Festival and Wine Tasting events in the summer. No matter what time of year you come to Malta, there is almost certainly an exciting annual event to attend and enjoy.

Valletta is the EU’s smallest capital city, and so most destinations are very reachable on foot. If you would prefer to take a break from the sun, there is a citywide fleet of electric taxis. Visiting destinations across the island of Malta (the country’s largest island) is very easy with the bus and tram routes.


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