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Why intern in Marseille?

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Marseille

Why intern in Marseille?

Marseille is France’s second most populated city, after the capital, Paris. It is located on the southern coast of France, on the stunning French Riviera. The sunniest city in France is a cultural and economic centre for the country and is one of the most visited French destinations.

As part of this internship we offer the chance to learn French, an official language for 29 countries. This will be a great with your internship, as well as with engaging with the city and its people. With a fleet of communal bicycles and a huge network of buses and trams, you can visit your pick of local attractions and experiences.

As a traditional port city, Marseille has a hugely varied range of industries in addition to its historical dominant role as major cargo port. Historical, cultural and leisure tourism are all major attractions to the city, with visitors seeking the contrast of ancient buildings, beautiful churches and the magnificent beaches of the French Riviera.

Industries available for a Twin Turing Scheme internship

In Marseille, Turing Scheme placements are available in Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, and Business Admin. Depending on the role or industry you want to work in, you might be more interested in one sector or another.

For the tech-savvy, Digital Marketing internships give you the chance to work with social media. You can be sure to have a great time making content for one of the wide selection of companies we work with.

From front of house and customer facing work to essential behind the scenes tasks, an internship in Hospitality is sure to give you experience in a wide variety of skills and roles. Marseille is a very popular tourist destination, and a placement in Hospitality here will set you in good stead for your long term goals.

If you're more business-minded, there is no shortage of need for Business Administration staff. There is an enormous variety of tasks you might find yourself doing in this sector, and an internship will really help you finalise any decisions you might want to make about what industry you plan to go into, long-term.  

If you feel strongly about the holiday experience, perhaps this is the work experience for you. Tourism & Travel internships offer the chance to help with tour providers and leisure activity coordinators. 


What to do while you’re there

Marseille is a true melting-pot city: there are a huge number of people from diverse backgrounds with the shared cultural identity of being the people of Marseille. This means there are small elements of global culture in the experience of being in this city and markets, food and the music you will see in the city reflect that. For example, Noailles market is in the oldest part of the city, and there you can find North African spices next to Iranian silks and Caribbean street food.

In the way that only a 2500-year-old city can be, Marseille is full of beautiful buildings in a wide array of architectural styles, with a Baroque city hall, Romanesque churches and cathedrals and the Art Deco Opéra de Marseille. For short rides around the city, there are free to use bicycles to get from place to place. Gardens, parks, mountains and beaches act to break up the buildings of the city and give those looking for a more natural attraction something to visit.


Departure and return dates of our Marseille programmes are as follows:

Sunday 23rd April - Saturday 15th July, 12 Weeks


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