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Why intern in Milan

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Milan

Why intern in Milan

Milan is Italy’s second most populated city, after the capital, Rome. Located in northern Italy, this beautiful city’s economy ranks in the top 3 for all European Union cities. Milan is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, famous for fashion, food and culture.

As part of this internship, we offer the chance to learn Italian, a language spoken by 85 million worldwide. Not only will this help with your internship directly, but the experience of living in Milan will be improved with improved skill in the language. Many people speak English, but everyone appreciates it when you make an effort to learn their tongue.

Rome may be the political heart of Italy, but Milan is the country’s largest financial hub. With a traditional focus on fashion, tourism, and manufacturing as well as a modern interest in IT and media, it is an ideal place to gain experience in the workplace sector of your choice.

Industries available for a Twin Turing Scheme internship

Our Turing Scheme placements available for Milan are TEFL, Travel & Tourism, and Business Admin. Depending on the role or industry you want to work in, you might be more interested in one sector or another. 

If you are interested in teaching, or have a specific interest in the English language, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) would be a great fit for your Turing placement. This placement would have you teaching English to young learners and/or adults, but the skills you picked up would be meaningful in any form of teaching you might do later.

Every industry has need of Business Administration staff. An internship in this sector offers a great chance to learn general business skills as well as specifics to the industry in which you intern. It might even help you finish up decision making on long term career goals you might still be thinking over.

If you feel strongly about the holiday experience, Tourism & Travel internships might be the ideal fit for you. This programme offers the chance to get involved with the organisation of travel events and activities. 

What to do while you’re there

Milan has a world famous cultural footprint, as one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. The city boasts some of the most famous buildings in the world, from the statues of the Duomo to the famous La Scala opera house and the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, one of Europe’s most extensive libraries. This city is steeped in history and it shows. You can hardly go for a walk without finding yourself in front of a landmark.

From art and music, to fashion, to sport, to nightlife, Milan is a great fit for an intern looking to experience a wide selection of culture after work. No matter your interests, the city will almost certainly have something for you to do in your downtime.

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