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Why intern in Seville

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Seville

Why intern in Seville

Located in the southern region of Spain in a territory known as Andalusia, Seville is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain. If you are looking for culture, opportunity, and a great place to live, this destination has it all!

Its old city and historical landmarks mix with its modern design, amenities, and industries to make it a dynamic and somewhat diverse city.

Infused with cultural expression and beauty, Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain,  and it can provide a wonderful backdrop for an experience abroad. While enjoying this liveable and enticing city, you can build your skills, learn or improve your Spanish, experience a new culture and work methodology, and enhance your professional future.  

View of Seville from the Metropol Parasol

After graduating from university, I was unsure as to what I wanted to do. The Erasmus+ course seemed ideal for me to reassess where I was at in my career and an opportunity to learn a new language.

Digital Marketing Intern 2019

Industries available for a Twin Turing Scheme internship

In Seville, we offer work placements the Touring Scheme in Digital Marketing/Social Media, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and Business Administration - take a look at the job descriptions for each role available to choose a role to best suit your skills.

Digital Marketing placements are with small independent companies working in a relaxed atmosphere working closely with a company mentor. Mainly the roles are within social media, promoting the company and services offered via social media. All placements are in Central Seville, and your working week will be approx. 30 hrs Spanish speaking may be required in some roles, but not all!

Teaching placements will be in local Language Schools, where you will work in a teaching assistant role. Your main role will include preparing teaching recourses, lesson planning and exam preparations. You will also do some one-to-one teaching with students who require extra support. You will be teaching both children and adults, so your working shifts may vary. Please be prepared to do some evening classes for students who are working during the day.

Business Administration is a widely needed job sector, as near every industry needs business administration staff. Interning with one of these partner companies is a great way to build on your work skills and meet new industry contacts. If you're still considering what your longer term careers goals are, this is a good opportunity to see what options are available.


Our Hospitality network in Seville consists mostly of boutique hotels and hostels where participants take on a mix of tasks both front of house or within the restaurants or cafeterias. We also have some meet and greet roles in vacation apartments and office positions for participants with a higher Spanish level.

Seville Turing Scheme accommodation

Seville accommodation has shared apartments in the Macarena district, North of the City Centre, a great residential location with plenty of local shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and shops. You will be living in a residential community providing a great opportunity to integrate with the locals! 

Take a 5-minute walk through the narrow lanes to the Alameda de Hércules where you will find a large boulevard where everyone meets for Tapas and a drink! Local festivals and Sunday gatherings are held here and are a great place for meeting up with friends.

You will be sharing an apartment with other Turing Scheme participants and you will have a single bedroom with study space and storage with access to shared bathrooms, basic equipped kitchens and communal areas. All bed linen will be provided but please remember to pack your towel.  All utilities are included, including WIFI.

What to do while you're there

In the very heart of Andalusian culture, Seville brims with stunning sights and treasured places. It’s the centre of Flamenco music and “tapas”, those small Spanish dishes that you can enjoy in one of the hundreds of bars in the city. Seville’s Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Christian, Moorish, and Jewish roots infuse the city with design, artistry, and culture from numerous eras and influences. The sum of Seville’s many enjoyable sights and places is a city you’ll likely love to live in and explore.

Mosaic Columns at the Plaza de España

Interning in Sevilla may be a wonderful way to connect with a local community and immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language. It will be a chance for you to make new friends, establish a professional and international network, and explore the nuances of Spanish culture that you might miss as a tourist.

Seville is not a very big city, so it is possible to walk to most places such as the centre, river, parks, shopping centre, train station, and cinema. But, on those days you just couldn't be bothered and would rather make use of the cycle lanes, there's the Sevici Bike Scheme, a bit like Boris Bikes! Simple to use and can be done online via an English website. Or,  you can buy a travel card (‘Tarjeta Tussam’) and top it up as you go. Bus rides start from about 60 cents, the tram service in the centre of Seville helps you get about quickly if you're running late and the metro service (only one line) will take you from the centre to places like the Universidad Plablo de Olavide, San Juan de Aznalfarache or Mairena.

But, Seville isn't just a feast for the eyes. You don't just go there for the sights - you have to eat your way through it too! Go to small and large, trendy and traditional restaurants and enjoy. Try paella, tortilla Española, jamón serrano, and churros (to start!). Drink cafés con leches, eat sweet treats and find freshly baked bread. Enjoy meals during siesta and hit historic bars for tapas.

Cafe culture in Seville

Not only will we provide language classes, but you can also practice speaking the Spanish language with locals. Each week we recommend students to attend language exchanges (intercambios) in Seville. These are great to help improve your Spanish and make new friends by meeting local Spanish people in a friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy a coffee or a cold beer. It's a wonderful way to connect with the local community and submerse yourself in Spanish culture. You could even establish a professional (and international!) network while making new friends. 

Thank you for the opportunity to enhance my marketing skills and for helping me meet some lifelong friends.

Digital Marketing Intern 2020 

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