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Your career in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

What does a Twin Turing Scheme Internship in TEFL look like?

Your career in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a Foreign Language can be so much more than just your gateway to travel the world and earn money while you do. It is also a respectable career choice with options to progress and be promoted. So, for those who are called to be teachers, are passionate about the English language, yet still want the adventure of experiencing something new, then Turing Scheme internship as a teaching assistant in Spain or Portugal is for you. 

I wanted to live abroad, learn Spanish and teach English. Having it funded was also essential as I have a low income. I have received a job offer from my employer and will be returning in January 2020!

English Teaching Assistant 2019


We currently offer TEFL roles in


Depending on your skills, previous experience, and education, we can place you in one of our partner language schools. Our partner schools teach pupils of all ages, from young learners to adults, and many are Cambridge exam preparation centres. You will work as a Teaching Assistant, shadowing experienced teachers to start with and progressively getting involved with more and more tasks until you can teach your own students and groups.

If you hold a teaching or TEFL, English Language or English Literature qualification and/ or have any previous teaching experience, either with young kids, young adults, or adults, or you wish to start a career in teaching, this internship may be for you!

Job tasks

In your role, you will have the opportunity to develop as a teacher of English and join a team of English teachers to teach levels A2 to C1, and your responsibilities could include: 

  • Create materials
  • Teach classes - both face-to-face and online
  • Marking
  • Give didactic feedback to students
  • Assessing students
  • Shadow and observe teachers
  • Plan lessons and deliver learning materials and activities;
  • Teach support classes;
  • Attending teachers' meetings;
  • Assist with complementary tasks, such as level testing for new students or as a substitute teacher role
  • Organise and take part in cultural activities, e.g. conversational café, workshops and festivals
  • Teach private lessons
  • Monitor and evaluate students

By the end of your work placement, you will need to submit your Teaching Portfolio, as part of your TEFL qualification.

Find all available job roles and descriptions here.


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