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Dublin - A place of endless possibilities

Dublin, a place of endless possibilities!

Dublin - A place of endless possibilities

Diego Ingrosso

Multiple reasons made me choose an Erasmus+ programme. The primary is to gain some work experience related to my field of interest and my University degree. I also wanted to live in and explore a new country with different customs and traditions.

I found Dublin a charming city with a booming job market and, therefore, a place of endless possibilities. The quality of life in Dublin is really high, and one of the main reasons is Irish people themselves. They are really nice, welcoming and friendly people, always open for a chat and a joke.

An undeniable positive was the development of not only my personal but especially my professional network. Thanks to my Erasmus+ employer, I know I can count now on important people in key sectors.
I would highly recommend the program to people who already know what they want for their career and those still seeking to make up their minds. In a short but condensed amount of time, Erasmus+ offers the chance to increase your skills and get valuable experience for the future. The main advice I would give future participants would be: always have a positive approach and an open mind.


The duration is perfect. Three months means that, if you like it, it's a decent amount of time to live and explore all aspects of the workplace and the city and create a reason to come back. However, if you don't like it, it's not that long, and in the end, you would still have acquired an experience to learn from.

A special thanks to Twin and especially Sally, Beth and Theresa for their precise induction before the mobility and continuous support while in Dublin.

Overall, it's been a really positive experience from an academic, professional and personal point of view. I feel I learnt a lot about my career path and how to live abroad, manage my finances, interact with new people and make stable friendships. I had some really good Irish craic (fun, enjoyment).

Diego Ingrosso, Dublin - Jun 2019