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Eboni's Digital Marketing Internship in Dublin

Eboni's Digital Marketing Internship in Dublin

I decided to do the Erasmus+ programme because I wanted to bridge the gap between graduating from University and full-time employment.

I believed that taking part in this program would allow me to gain the crucial experience required to successfully start a career in the media industry.

I have found this experience extremely beneficial as it has opened my eyes to future career prospects I had not previously considered. For instance; I’m now more comfortable with the idea of working internationally as my time in Dublin has helped me to realise how swift the settling in period can be.

Also, I have developed my interpersonal skills and grown in confidence, making new friends and independently exploring my surroundings.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and I would definitely recommend this programme to other young people.

My advice to them would be to "take a leap of faith" as you have nothing to lose, and I would encourage them to make use of their time in a new environment to work on themselves, read that book, try a new diet or talk to those people and make friends.

You can use the experience to return home a better version of yourself. Finally, do as much as you can, actually take in all Dublin has to offer!

Eboni Senior - Mar 2021