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Gaining valuable skills in Dublin

For any career-minded individuals, this programme is good at giving you practical skills.

Gaining valuable skills in Dublin

Jalil with his colleagues

My decision to take part in the Erasmus+ programme in Dublin provided me with the opportunity to work in a commercial environment in a new market. By having a background in the educational sector and marketing, the programme itself allowed me to utilize these skills in Dublin, whilst gaining valuable experience in a sector which is growing rapidly.

The experience was enhanced by embracing the international culture of Dublin and Ireland’s rich heritage, which makes it a major European and global city and a country with its own distinct identity. Even with the familiarity in language, Ireland itself provides a huge difference in attitudes and culture, which have given me skills in dealing with different people and making new friends.

Professionally the internship allows you hands-on experience, by working in a commercial company you are thrown into a fast-paced environment, the ability to work with various sectors of the business along with having contact with international students. For any career-minded individuals, the programme is good at giving practical skills to working in a fast-paced environment, along with on the job skills in communicating with people from different backgrounds.

One bit of advice, the internship is what you make it to be and how much you want to do, so push yourself and enjoy all the aspects of it.

Jalil Balolia, Dublin - Jun 2019