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Laurence's Dublin Erasmus+ Experience

Laurence's Dublin Erasmus+ Experience

My name’s Laurence, and I recently completed the Erasmus+ programme in Dublin.

There’s so much to talk about from my experience in Ireland, but I’ll try to summarise how I found it in a paragraph.

After finding the opportunity on LinkedIn, I contacted a staff member at Twin and then went through a pretty straightforward application process. After I was deemed eligible for the programme, my CV was then on their system, and I was contacted by another member of staff at Twin a few weeks later to say there was a company in Dublin that’d like to interview me. I was excited by the news after struggling to find opportunities post-graduation during the pandemic. My initial delight was not premature as I was taken on by the company after only a 10-minute interview and was set to fly out to Dublin in the coming months.

The support received from Twin was excellent, and I was very surprised they were able to get us out there in the middle of the corona situation. I was delighted to leave the nest and start a new little chapter, all be it only a short one. My favourite part of this experience was meeting so many new people, especially after being locked down in the UK and not meeting anybody new. I was sharing a flat with 7 other people all on the same programme and all doing similar jobs. At my job, I was in charge of my company’s social media, creating videos and writing blogs, to name just a couple of examples, which were both tasks I enjoyed.

Whilst living with 7 others, you aren’t bound to your flat and have the opportunity to mix with others, as I did. We were provided with a very swanky common area to do this in; the accommodation was equipped with a pool tables, ping pong tables, a cinema room, a gym and more. I’d have never been able to afford somewhere like that whilst at University and was very grateful the programme covered our rent costs!

I’ve only scraped the surface here, but my advice would be if you get the chance to enrol on this programme, then based on my experience, you certainly won’t regret it.

Thank you TWIN!



Laurence Shingler - Feb 2021