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Sally's Erasmus+ Programme feedback

Sally's Erasmus+ Programme feedback

The Twin Erasmus internship was so much fun and so valuable for future employment.

The application process didn’t take too long and allowed you to rank your preference of the available companies to intern with.

I got on very well with my host company and learned so many new things, especially as I had no marketing background. However, by the end of the internship, they had offered me a full-time position! So, getting employed after your internship is also a possibility and just go to show how much you can learn in these three months.

The workload and working hours differed between the interns but my one was 10-5 which worked well for me and I had a steady but not overwhelming amount to do throughout the experience.

I lived with seven others in very nice student accommodation with a double bed and en suite and we all got on so well.


Friday nights became a night to celebrate and we explored as much of the city as we could during our weekends within the three months.

It was so great to have this opportunity and to work in a different city, even if it had to be remote because of Covid-19.

I would highly recommend it as it really set me up for a career in digital marketing and I have definitely made friends for life through this program!

Sally Stewart - Jan 2021