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Sasha's time with the Turing Scheme

Sasha's time with the Turing Scheme

Sasha's time with the Turing Scheme

Spain’s third-largest city, located along the shores of the Mediterranean, Valencia is an ideal place to teach English. It boasts striking architecture, plenty of green spaces, a vibrant nightlife, and a rich cultural heritage. Through being employed by Twin, I was able to truly enjoy what Valencia had to offer, all while elevating my career path.

Having already completed a similar TEFL internship in Seville, an equally enjoyable experience, I quickly adapted to Valencia’s laidback and affordable lifestyle. The quality of life is excellent. Prices are generally lower here than in the neighbouring cities of Madrid and Barcelona, making it a very comfortable place to live. I was also pleased to be greeted by warm weather and a sociable, friendly atmosphere, where people can often be seen spending time outdoors. Thanks to the nature of the Twin Turing Scheme, we were able to make the most of Valencia’s thriving social life. Travelling with the other interns in a large group meant that we could easily connect with one another and create shared experiences. My calendar instantly filled up with visits to the trendy El Carmen neighbourhood, afternoons at Malvarrosa Beach, stops at charming cafes and restaurants, and trips to beautiful surrounding areas.

The teaching placement itself allowed me to develop my creativity skills. I helped to design learning materials and assisted students with various projects. The school had adopted a learning-by-doing approach, in which students practised English through art, cooking, science, drama and writing classes. I enjoyed working alongside qualified teachers to educate students in such an interactive and dynamic way. The experience made me aware of different styles of teaching practices and also introduced me to important exam formats. I found it incredibly rewarding to form students’ understanding of the English language and watch their confidence grow.

Throughout the program, I sought opportunities to enhance my Spanish language skills. By attending the Spanish classes offered by Twin and frequently conversing with native speakers, I now feel more confident about my conversational Spanish. Practising the language on a daily basis helped me to navigate my way around the city and fully immerse myself in the Valencian culture, enabling a deeper awareness and appreciation for the Spanish way of life.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed living and working in Valencia. I will return home with new friends, memories, and experiences. I would advise future interns to apply to the program and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Sasha Arion, Valencia - Jul 2022