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Why intern in Thailand?

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Thailand?

Why intern in Thailand?

From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok to lazy riverside towns like Chanthaburi, Thailand is a country of loud contrasts. Modernity and tradition sit side by side: Turn one corner and you might stumble upon an ancient shrine or temple, offering a calm retreat from the chaos of the city. Sleek high-rises and modern mega-malls give way to traditional street food and ‘floating markets’, making every journey feel like you’re being flung between past and present. Fondly nicknamed the ‘land of smiles’, there’s no better place to be an expat.

Full Moon Festivities

In Thailand, you’ll never be bored. From ‘full moon parties’ hosted on Koh Phangan island, to rooftop lounges and night markets in Bangkok, Thailand is well known for midnight revelry. The country is also host to a multitude of cultural and religious festivals happening throughout the year. Every November across the country, people gather to celebrate Loy Krathong, releasing thousands of paper lanterns into the sky and floating candles along rivers, lakes and canals. You may also be able to get involved in the Thai New Year, Songkran, a three-day event of food, drink - and mass water fights. Some traditions are more unconventional than others: while Phuket’s ‘Vegetarian festival’ might sound unremarkable, the celebration is famed for its extreme rituals, such as fire-walking and body piercing.

Tuk Tuks and Temples

Over 15% of the Thai population calls Bangkok home, making it one of the busiest cities in the world. While part of the city’s appeal lies in its intensity, there are plenty of places both inside and outside of the capital to channel some inner peace. Chiang Mai, a laidback centre of bohemians and creatives, is home to some of Thailand’s most striking temples. A bus journey away from the city centre is ‘the white temple’, or Wat Rong Khun. As the name suggests, Wat Rong Khan is an intricately carved building painted entirely in white, symbolising purity of mind. Reflected by the surrounding water, it looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Island Hopping

Thailand is a nation made up of over 1400 islands, offering limitless opportunities to explore. Even if you’re placed in the centre of a big city, you’ll never find yourself far from Thailand’s famous turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and vibrant jungles. Only 3.5 hours away from Bangkok is Koh Khram Yai, a little-known island that will make you feel like a castaway. For somewhere a little busier, the islet of Koh Kret is reachable by boat in 45 minutes, notable for its local pottery and ubiquitous ‘tort man’, a deep-fried patty of ground fish mixed with fresh herbs and spices.

From Chiang Mai, you can ascend to ‘the roof of Thailand’ within 2 hours, a national park consisting of luscious jungles, waterfalls, and rice paddies. Climb the highest peak and you’ll find the famous ‘King and Queen’ pagodas, two magnificent white and golden towers that reach toward the clouds.

Placements in Thailand

In Thailand, we offer placements in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Thailand is a hugely multicultural place with a large variety of languages spoken. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is an ideal internship option for those interested in education and language. The skills you will gain as a TEFL intern will assist you with any teaching or education based role you have in the future.

For more information about a career in TEFL, click below:


Where will I be based?

We offer placements all over Thailand - the possibilities are endless! However, most of our interns are placed in small to large-sized cities, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chantha Buri, and Nakhom Pathom.


Our accommodation in Thailand ranges from single studios to an apartment or house shared with other Turing interns. In Bangkok, your accommodation will have easy access to public transport options, from the underground (MRT) to the Skytrain (BTS).

Thailand Cost of Living

Thailand is an incredibly affordable country. Street food is often less than £2, and a beer bottle is typically 50-80 baht, or £1-£2.

Departure and return dates of our Thailand Turing Scheme placements are as follows:

07/01/2024 - 07/04/2024, 13 Weeks

26/05/2024 - 25/08/2024, 13 Weeks

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