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Why intern in Valencia?

Why do a Turing Scheme funded internship in Valencia

Why intern in Valencia?

The third largest city in Spain, Valencia is a beautiful Mediterranean city with sandy beaches, delicious food, and an Old Town packed with history and culture. The weather rarely dips below 15 degrees, even in the Winter months, and with Albufera National Park just 10km away, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to bask in the sun. Often overlooked in favour of Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia has everything you’d need to live well - without the hordes of tourists.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Valencia

Sun, Sand, and Sea

Head to one of the city’s many beaches to experience crystal-clear water and white sands. From urban beaches like La Patacona, to wilder coastlines like La Devesa, you’ll find somewhere to take a dip. For the more adventurous, there’s more to do than sunbathing: surf, snorkel, or kayak your way along the Valencia coastline before heading to La Marina, a modern port area boasting upmarket restaurants, bars, and open-air events, to cool off.

The Holy Grail - Yes, that Holy Grail

Valencia is one of Spain’s oldest cities, founded in 138 BC as a Roman colony, and is home to a variety of historic sites and architectural styles. One notable curiosity is the Holy Grail - no, really. Several places have claimed to have finally found the ‘real’ Holy Grail, and one such location lies in the Catedral de Valencia in the heart of Valencia’s Old Town. Whether you believe in the mythical chalice or not, the Cathedral is an impressive mix of Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque styles.

Just a few minutes away is La Lonja, an old silk market and UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in one of the most famous civil Gothic monuments in Europe. Every Sunday, you’ll find an eclectic flea market outside selling collector’s items, from postcards to comics. Not a history buff? Head to the City of Arts and Sciences, a huge hypermodern complex comprising an IMAX cinema, an interactive science museum, a concert venue, and Europe’s largest aquarium.

Fideuà and Fiesta

Valencia has the charm of a sleepy town and the restless spirit of a sprawling city. Las Fallas, an annual festival that sees giant elaborate puppets paraded down the streets, best reflects this unique atmosphere. The festival brings together thousands of locals and visitors for a month of fireworks, fiestas, bonfires, and lots of food.

Speaking of food; like every region in Spain, Valencia has its own set of amazing delicacies. Valencia is home to the famous Paella, originating in nearby Albufera. The lesser known Fideuà can also be found here, using a special pasta called ‘fideos’ instead of rice. For dessert, you’ll find ‘horchaterias’ all over the city, serving a refreshing milky drink made from tiger nuts, often accompanied by sugared pastries for dipping.

I participated in the Erasmus Programme because I wanted to learn Spanish & gain Digital skills. It really helped broaden my language knowledge and supplement my other experience with social media practice.

Digital Marketing Intern 2021

Turing Scheme Internships in Valencia

In Valencia, we offer work placements funded by the Turing Scheme in Digital Marketing/Social Media, and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). For more information about each sector, please see below:

Language Classes

As part of your placement in Valencia, you’ll receive 10 sessions of Spanish lessons at a local language school to enhance your experience abroad.


You’ll be sharing an apartment with other Turing Scheme interns and/or university students, located around 30 minutes from Valencia’s Old Town or an easy commute to your placement. In the area, you’ll find a range of supermarkets, shops, cafés, bars, and restaurants. Local families and students will live nearby, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet locals, learn about the culture, and practise your Spanish!

The apartment will include single bedrooms, a shared living area, a bathroom, and a fully-equipped kitchen. All apartments have a washing machine, but you will need to bring or buy your own bedding and towel. All utilities are included, including WiFi.

Cost of Living in Valencia

Valencia is an affordable city, relative to other major cities in Europe. You can buy a bottle of wine for as little as 2€, and eat out for under 10€ while you complete your Turing Scheme internship! 

What to do while you're there

Whichever time of the year you visit Valencia, the sea-side area and beaches are great for a stroll, bathe in the sunrise, play beach volleyball, or practice some aquatic sports, such as Kayak or paddle surf. Next to the beaches is the modern port area of La Marina, where you'll find upmarket restaurants and bars and often open-air events, such as live music.

Valencia is home to the "paella" dish, which originated in the nearby area of the Albufera. Besides its most famous dish, it is also home to many other Mediterranean and local foods to try. You can now also find plenty of international cuisine options as well as vegetarian and vegan options

Wander the Old Quarter to discover charming streets lined with Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Visit the Cathedral, home to the Holy Grail (yes, that Holy Grail). Next, see La Llotja, the old silk market situated in one of the most famous civil gothic monuments in Europe. Finally, explore the City of Arts and Sciences – an impressive and futuristic complex designed by Santiago Calatrava and home to, amongst others, a science centre and the largest aquarium in Europe. 


I wanted to improve my Spanish skills and discover whether a career in marketing was well suited to me or not and experience life in Spain. I feel that it has helped me learn all sorts of work skills and helped me develop my character as a person. This experience has helped me get a clearer path of what I want to do next in life.

Digital Marketing Intern 2020


Departure/Return Dates:

07/01/2024 - 31/03/2024, 12 Weeks

07/04/2024 - 30/06/2024, 12 Weeks

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