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Advice and guidance

Free advice and guidance for over 50s

Free advice and guidance for over 50s

It’s a mistake to think that there aren’t opportunities for over 50s. Although starting a career or entering education can seem daunting at a later stage in life, there are plenty of initiatives out there to help over 50s move their lives forward.

This is true no matter what experience you might have had; perhaps you haven’t had a job interview in a long time or maybe you’ve never interviewed before. Perhaps you believe yourself to be lacking in the skills and knowledge required to enter a certain industry. No matter what your situation is we are prepared to understand your situation and use or expertise to give you the advice and guidance you need.

Many of our initiatives cater for over 50s and advice and guidance is available on the following programs:

Over 50s Fast Track – Help getting over 50s into work
Fresh Start – Offering skills support for the unemployed
First Steps – Advice and guidance and adult education
Skills for Work – Help for those recently made redundant or recently facing redundancy
Inspiring Families – Helping individuals in families suffering from factors that affect employment