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Become a Twin Partner

Choose Twin and help us to effectively deliver our employment and skills training programmes

Become a Twin Partner

At Twin, we have 20 years’ experience in providing government training contracts. With our knowledge and proficiency in delivering employment and skills training, we have developed an excellent track record of managing large and small projects either as a partner or a lead provider. We have established partnerships with other businesses and government organisations which continually allows us to increase the range and depth of services available to learners.

There are many advantages offered to our partner organisations including:

  • Close working relationships with colleges and vocational education providers
  • Internal and external quality assurance frameworks
  • Current contracts with all co-financing organisations
  • Multi-cultural staff speaking over 20 languages

We are always interested in forming new partnerships, either as a lead developer or a subcontractor, particularly in cases involving more complex or harder-to-reach candidates.


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