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AC's Pre-Entry ESOL Case Study

Read this case study of how our customer made progress with their English while on our ESOL programme.



AC had never taken any English classes in Morocco and she spoke only Arabic and French when she moved to the U.K. Upon starting the ESOL course, AC had difficulties with listening and comprehension and she found it challenging to follow instructions or to answer questions. She also struggled with pronunciation and vocabulary as she would use transfer (English-French) and confuse pronunciation and meaning of English words which reminded her of French ones. She also had a hard time with spelling and reading, i.e. relating the spoken word to its written equivalent.

Being a young and busy mother of two small children and speaking Arabic at home, AC had very limited possibilities to engage in real life situations that involved using English. Not having had any formal English classes prior to arriving at the U.K, her acquisition of English was random, unstructured and chaotic and she often lacked feedback and explanation of the errors she made, so she could apply some simple and clear rules to facilitate her acquisition of English.

AC had a diagnostic test to assess her language skills. That was followed by devising an individual learning plan for her to fulfil her needs and expectations and meeting her specific needs in English learning, as well as boosting her ability to confidently and successfully communicate in English. ILP also outlined her goals and objectives which are always discussed upon follow-up tutorial sessions and come up with specific tasks and goals that AC can fulfil in her everyday life. For instance, AC started reading small articles in the press and other publications and writes short summaries and reports about them. She has also begun reading bedtime stories in English to her children and watches TV in English.

AC has made impressive progress in listening and comprehension as well as in writing. She participates in classes actively and confidently to the point that she has been moved to a more advanced group. She has displayed a considerable improvement in pronunciation, grammar, reading, and writing and above all in communication with other students and trainer. She also shows a lot of self-confidence in using English and she does not seem to be discouraged when her errors are corrected. On the contrary, she always asks for explanations and enquires when in doubt.

AC aspires to pursue a College Education as she studied Economics for two years in Morocco and she would like to find a stable occupation. Given her very young age when she became a mother, AC did not have the opportunity to get any job experience, therefore, she is interested in taking up a volunteering position, preferably at school or other institution where she would have a chance to work with children, acquire some professional experience and new skills, work with and get to know more people and, thus, keep improving her English.