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Case Study: S, Pre-Entry ESOL

This case study shows how one of our customers improved their confidence and English ability through our Pre-Entry ESOL course.



S.F is a young lady who has come to England from Eritrea. Before embarking on the course, she was previously living and studying in Birmingham. She doesn’t have fixed living accommodation at the moment which can be difficult but she is determined to challenge herself and improve her English.

S.F is a little shy but participates well in class and is one of the strongest learners. Her speaking is the area she tends to have difficulty with which in turn affects her writing and sometimes spelling.

S.F attempted to undertake an initial diagnostic assessment but could not complete the entire test. Despite this, she was able to answer a lot of the questions correctly. It was noticed that if one gave S.F a task or activity, initially she may have some difficulty but she works well on a 1-2-1 basis; when things are further explained to her she picks up easily and can work well on a variety of topics. Over the duration of the course, S.F was given extra activities to stretch her learning and challenge her in the areas she has shown interest in.

The project covers a variety of learning aims, each of which is geared to support and aid the learning process, covering topics from the introduction of the alphabet, making simple statements of fact, filling in a diary and greeting people. Each aim takes approximately 1 hour and gets the learner to participate in group activity, practice worksheets, role play activity amongst other learning methods decided by the trainer.

There has been much improvement in S.F’s confidence with regards to speaking and reading in class. She can independently get on with instructed tasks and often helps other classmates. She often asks for activities to work on at home which has further helped her personal learning process.

S.F is thinking of furthering her education with different courses and possibly getting into the beauty industry, all of which takes a great deal of communication. S.F had the opportunity to review different roles in the beauty industry and also participated in role play scenarios to give her a better understanding which she has found helpful.