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ICT Programme case study

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J.D has been a carer for her 27-year-old severely autistic son. She had limited computer knowledge when she was approached by a Twin representative while gathering information for her son at the local job centre. She was really interested in learning something new and jumped at the chance to improve her computer skills and agreed to join Croydon class.

J.D was a bit anxious at first as her confidence was quite low; she doubted herself when other learners completed activities at a faster pace. She also had no knowledge and understanding of computer techniques, she experienced language barriers as well as various home life issues. After a while and as a result of her dedication and interaction with other learners, she excelled. J.D was open to all support and assistance offered from the tutor soaking up knowledge about the course and enjoying the classroom setting.

J.D responded well to 1-2-1 discussions, careful consideration was given to days and times she could attend and the importance of being able to communicate via text and phone when she had issues attending.

A flexible attitude towards J.D’s learning meant that she could learn at her own pace, relax and take her time with the modules and a daily individualised learning plan was put in place to maintain focus and check progress against agreed objectives.

Group discussions and visual learning tools such as YouTube, helped her with difficult modules. J.D was also introduced to email for the first time; creating a new era for communication with the tutor and allowing her to practice and improve the computer skills she had learnt.

Having a group classroom setting and being able to openly discuss subjects surrounding ECDL and other matters relating to employment and barriers when being long term unemployed, have boosted J.D’s confidence. J.D was encouraged to engage with others who were experiencing similar issues; in turn, the peer group supported each other. As a direct impact of learning ICT skills, J.D is now actively job searching; she has completed her C.V for the first time using the Web and she can now access short hospitality courses online. J.D is now more confident in her own capabilities and passionate about IT. We are confident she will find sustainable employment in the near future.