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Liz Barrell's Internship Journey

We recently interviewed an intern that we placed at a company called 3D Design Bureau; her name is Liz Barrell and we wanted to find out what doing an Erasmus+ internship through Twin is all about.


Twin, 3D Design Bureau and life-changing opportunities


Turing Internship

We talked to an intern we recently placed, Liz Barrell, at 3D Design Bureau, to find out what the Erasmus+ internships programme is really all about. Now superseded by the Turing scheme, the programme provides funding for over 18s to access life-enhancing, career-expanding opportunities based in Valencia, Seville, Lisbon or Dublin. 13-week funded placements in digital marketing, hospitality, or teaching English are available to UK residents with related qualifications or experience.

We also spoke to her employer, Kevin, to really understand what this program does, not only for the interns' benefit but also for businesses. Kevin admits that interns are "becoming an integral part of their business", and judging from Liz's experience, we can see why. 

How the Erasmus+ internship programme boosts employability

Liz is a recent graduate who studied Interior Design at University. After completing her studies, she was looking to progress her career. Like many other graduates, she didn't quite know if she wanted a career in line with her studies. While looking at career options, Liz didn't know whether to look at interior design jobs or explore other avenues. The Erasmus + work experience programme helped her realise that marketing is a great and enjoyable career choice. "I believe the internship has helped shape my future, and it's been vital to what I'm going to do after this; explains Liz. "I'm looking at very different jobs now than 4 months ago, and I feel like I can actually confidently come out of this and put qualities on my CV to say I have the relevant skills for a marketing role."

The Erasmus + Internship programme is so much more than just mobility, and while an internship abroad looks great on your CV, the learning aspect curve offered by a quality employer is by far the most valuable aspect. She states that the experience has allowed her to feel more equipped and confident with regards to starting a new job and said, "before starting, I was really nervous because I didn't know anything about marketing and I thought I would be really out of my depth, but now I have all of these different skills that I can apply which will definitely set me up better for other jobs".

Turing InternshipTuring Internship

Twin and 3D Design Bureau Partnership

Twin has a long history of providing employability skills and opportunities both in the UK and abroad, and with their network of thousands of companies and industry reputation Kevin, 3D Design Bureau's digital marketing manager, stated that they have are "delighted with the quality of interns they are receiving". After speaking to Liz, it is evident that a key concern for interns before starting was not being skilled enough for the role; however, in our interview, Kevin said, "I don't really expect interns to have any experience; we'll teach it all, it's great if they have some knowledge coming in, but even if they don't everything is going to be taught."

We asked Kevin if, as an employer, he would recommend an internship placement abroad. His response: "yeah, 100% I would recommend but make sure you are willing to put the time in, you need to re-invest and actually provide value for the intern so that they can ultimately provide value to you."

Final thoughts

Speaking to both Liz and Kevin it's clear that they both felt the benefits of pursuing the Twin Internships program, and that they could both come away from this experience and feel as though they have made a difference. The beauty of the program is that it's a learning process for everyone; each intern will develop and grow in their own way.

If you’re thinking about pursuing an internship through Twin, Liz offered us some great advice “make the most of working for your employer and getting everything out of it and learn all of the skills you can, because that’s what’s really going to benefit you the most out of this experience.”

While the Erasmus programme may have ended, the Turing Scheme offers the same opportunities for you to delve into. You can get all the information here: 

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