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NEETS case studies

Find out how we help young people who are not in education, employment and training.



This customer wants to be a coach and needed advice and guidance on how to pursue his career in spite of his learning difficulties. 

N.H came to us with a desire to get into coaching. He had an identified learning difficulty which he was struggling with. He was referred to our targeted NEETs programme via the JCP. His advisor at Twin put an ILP in place with SMART targets to support his needs. This meant extra time and guidance was required to ensure he had a positive outlook in all activities he participated in order to achieve his desired goals.

N.H had low self-esteem, found it confusing when explaining his learning difficulty to perspective employers approached by himself, he needed more guidance on where to start with pursuing his career from scratch and he was not qualified enough.

N.H’s advisor sought appropriate qualifications for him to consider, worked in partnership with the training centre to ensure N.H understood the work set, assisted N.H by simplifying the tasks to meet N.H’s personal circumstances and communicated with N.H and his guardian regularly to ensure he attended all theoretical and practical workshops whilst on the accredited course.

Through regular guidance and support from the advisor, N.H finds it easier to communicate, his self-esteem and confidence have considerably improved and he can now conduct himself in a more professional manner during the interview. N.H has passed all qualifications which allow him to consider more opportunities in order to progress as a qualified coach.

N.H advises us that he would like to gain experience in coaching abroad and he is considering learning an additional language. N.H aspires to coach Chelsea or Arsenal FC and he is keen to gain higher qualifications in coaching.


We helped this individual move towards their goal of being a Business Administrator. 

R.M came to us with a desire to gain full-time employment as a Business Administrator. Initially, he identified his main barrier as lack of direction. In addition, he needed support with his timekeeping, numeracy, communication and interview skills. R.M’s brother introduced him to Twin as a result of the positive impact Twin had on him.

R.M’s advisor at Twin conducted an initial induction/assessment, after which an ILP was created in order to set out key SMART targets to support his needs. This meant that particular attention was placed at ensuring that he had a positive outlook in all activities he participated in, resulting in him realising that there were actually a variety of options for him to consider towards achieving his objectives. R.M’s CV was redrafted and a covering letter was created. R.M practised his job search skills and participated in mock interviews to enhance current skillset to allow him to understand the interview process and stages involved.

Following regular guidance and support, R.M started to feel more self-confident and, with a more positive outlook with regards to the interview process.

R.M is enthusiastic at finding sustainable employment in the near future and he is considering embarking on a Business Administration apprenticeship. Once employed, he aspires to progress into a supervisory role as a line Manager. R.M advises us that he is also interested in doing some voluntary work on Saturdays at one of his local charities.