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Principles of Customer Service - Case Study

We train individuals to better their customer service so they can move into employment. Read a case study telling you how we do that.



V.T joined our programme in August. She has been very focused and driven to find work. She was enrolled on a Principles of Customer Service course which she did well on and engaged with tutors and other students. She had a very strong CV mainly around Admin work. Darsh, her advisor, encouraged her to continue applying for Admin vacancies while being put forward for various roles in IKEA. She got to the second stage of interview, but was unsuccessful after.

With Darsh’s assistance, she has secured a work trial for an Admin position. She is doing well on her trial; she is hard working and enthusiastic about learning more ‘V.T was enthusiastic about her work trial, conducted herself professionally and had high attention to detail.’

V.T says: ‘’ Making contact with Twin was purely by accident. I had just been out of work for one day and thought I would make a visit to the job centre in Woolwich. I got as far as the job centre door and realised that an appointment was required. Turned around and there was a Twin employee asking me if I was looking for a job. He was very friendly and made me feel at ease whilst I answered a couple of questions. A day later I had a phone call from another Twin employee asking me if I was interested in having a meeting with an advisor. I met the advisor, Darsh, who was again very friendly and helpful. She managed to book me into a customer service and skills course the following Monday at Lewisham centre. Everyone seemed to be very helpful and down to earth. There was always a willingness to help whether it was with CV writing or getting ready for job interviews. I have now completed the course and they are now helping me find work. Personally, Twin team has been a blessing, they came to my aid at a time when I felt very lost and was not sure what to do next. They have guided me along the way and still continue to do so. A massive ‘Thank you’ to all.’’