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Retail, Hospitality and Tourism case studies

Case studies for Retail, Hospitality and Tourism case studies.



This individual needed a boost in confidence and after working with us successfully gained employment.

RP was referred to the skills Support for the Unemployed programme in order to enhance his job opportunities through a blend of regulated and non-regulated training in Employability skills tailored to the learner’s specific needs. The training was to provide a strong basis on which to build R.P’s confidence and prepare him to meet and engage with employers and others who can assist him.

RP had confidence issues which have impacted his readiness for work. RP had cared for his grandparents over the recent years and his experience of direct contact with employers had diminished. The programme has helped RP build his confidence and develop further his approach when applying for opportunities. RP had worked very hard improving his CV, understanding the interview process and developing his interview skills.

The result of training in employability skills has helped RP grow in confidence while at the same time his general anxiety and nervousness was reduced when approaching and engaging with employers. RP has been successful in securing a full-time employment opportunity which allows him to develop further on a personal and professional level.


This customer needed to gain a better understanding of how to find work and secure a job. We helped them do just that!

BP joined the programme with the overall aim to find sustainable employment. The learner had left College and he was unemployed without any financial security.

BP had low confidence, self-esteem and limited work experience. BP participated in a series of activities to enhance his current skillset when looking and applying for opportunities, CV and cover letter have been created, he understood the interview process, stages involved and practised interview techniques which in turn allowed him to develop his interview skills and, thus, be in a better position to demonstrate his skills to potential employers.

As a result of regular support, advice and guidance, BP felt more confident and more aware of opportunities around him. BP has a better understanding of the interview process and he can now communicate more effectively during the interview.

BP has secured a Full-time opportunity as a customer assistant/steward.