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Twin Employment and Training Testimonials

We do our best to help our customers find work and improve their job prospects. Read about out what they have to say about our services and how we've helped them.



A, on our Retail, Hospitality and Tourism programme, says:

"I believe this course was very useful because I was able to prepare for interview techniques. They taught us how to communicate effectively, how to dress for an interview and how to conduct ourselves during interviews. I would say that now I am able to communicate without being stressed. I am planning to apply for better job opportunities such as receptionist/administrator. I will also stay in contact with both of my advisors, Jodie and Juliette, who have helped me throughout my journey.’’

D, on our ICT programme, says:

"I was put in contact with Twin through the JCP with the hope of getting back into work. The aim was to improve my skills in key areas such as communication and computer training. All of this was done with Emily. Her help was invaluable.

It is not easy to get back to work. You need to get your confidence back and with the help I got from Twin, I was able to get back out into the job market.’’

W, on our Inspiring Families programme, says:

"Thank you for calling me this morning. You have given me back my confidence to find work again. Thank you for that."