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Tom Kickstarts his career


Having achieved a first-class degree and secured a job offer, 23-year-old Tom Przybylski felt his budding career was set on an exciting trajectory. Unfortunately, the countdown for the second lockdown began, and Tom’s dreams failed to launch.


Despite numerous attempts to find alternative employment, Tom was having little success until he applied for a vacancy at Twin who is offering employment opportunities as part of the government-backed Kickstart scheme.


Government-funded Kickstart creates training and job opportunities for 16 to 24-year-olds on Universal Credit facing long term unemployment. Tom is now based at Twin’s Greenwich head office in the IT department.


“My official title is IT Network Engineer,” said Tom, who lives with his family in Lambeth. “I started in March, and I’m enjoying being able to work in an office environment. My colleagues are very friendly, supportive and well informed. I am learning so much.”


A key element of Twin’s Kickstart wrap-around service is the support of an advisor, working through a tailored learning plan, including regular reviews, online employability modules, and varied work experiences.


“Kickstart is providing me with so many development opportunities,” added Tom. “I have a very diverse role; the work varies from helping a colleague set up their printer or providing training to operate a new piece of kit or software programme.”


Working in the IT department is perfect for Tom, who has always wanted to develop a career in the innovative world of computer science.

He explained: “I am completely supported by Twin’s Kickstart programme and feel confident about my future. Twin is a growing company and offers many ways to develop. So far, my whole life has been in education and remaining with Twin would be a chance to be part of an organisation that offers education and learning opportunities to a wide range of people. I want to be part of its journey.”