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Two case studies for ESOL customers

Read two case studies of how we've helped individuals improve their English.



This customer has begun his career after studying with us

P.Z was referred by JCP. The learner is from Spain originally and all his previous qualifications are from Spain.P.Z has a degree in civil engineering and has worked as a civil engineer before moving over to the UK to secure better career prospects. His English was rather poor both in writing and speaking and needed more support with listening, writing and grammar. The learner had very little confidence due to job rejections as he could not demonstrate his professional experience during the interview. P.Z lacked knowledge of where to look for work and how to apply for opportunities. The learner was very nervous about interviews and telephone screening.

P.Z was given group sessions on ESOL for 6 weeks M-F for 20 hrs per week, followed by employability skills for 4 weeks M-F , 20 hours per week. In addition to that, the learner was supported with 1-2-1 sessions on job search, applications, CV and cover letter and interview techniques. P.Z also participated in a regular 1-2-1 session to improve pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. The learner was given a significant amount of personal skill support through regular I.A.G sessions on motivation, organisational skills and professional etiquette.

Following regular support offered to P.Z, he started applying for jobs independently and became more self-assured. He presented himself more confidently during mock interviews and overall felt less worried, more in control and better equipped to demonstrate his skills and successfully pass the interview stage.

P.Z has started working as a F/T Warehouse operative and he would like to further improve his English, get more professional qualifications and progress in his career.




This customer improved quickly and found a job.

P.B has recently moved from Ireland to UK and he was keen to improve his English in order to find work. He is very conscientious and takes care to work precisely, his writing is neat and he learns very quickly. He would like to learn a lot more grammar in order to understand the language better. PB gets frustrated as he wants to learn quickly in order to progress and find suitable employment.

After attending a few ESOL classes and monitoring P.B’s progress, it became clear that he was learning quickly and needed to be challenged further. It was decided that he is moved to the employability classes to reflect his needs and ability. P.B will need to create a CV and to be able to search for positions, understand job adverts and be in a position to call and apply for posts or fill in an application form by himself. He would also like to be able to have day-to-day conversations with people he meets or future colleagues.

Since starting the employability classes, P.B has become more confident and started to interact more, asking questions and talking to the other students. He is progressing quickly and achieving his employability aims.